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LND Remote Control

This tutorial assumes that you have already downloaded and installed Zap and have an existing LND node that you want to connect to. If not, please head over to our guide to configuring your LND node.

Create a new wallet in Zap

Open up Zap and select the Connect option from the wallet creation screen.


Paste LND Connect string

An LND Connect string encodes everything that you need to connect to a remote LND instance, including:

  • LND node address and port
  • TLS certificate
  • Admin macaroon

Please see our guide to configuring your LND node for details on how to prepare your LND node and generate an LND Connect string for your LND node. lndconnect

Verify hostname

Before establising the connection, verify that the hostname or IP address shown matches that of the node that you want to connect to. verify

Control your node!

Once connected you can use the full power of Zap to control and manage your LND node!