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Thanks for being willing to contribute!

How to Contribute

Did you find a bug?

  • Do not open up a GitHub issue if the bug is a security vulnerability in Zap
  • If you discover or learn about a potential error, weakness, or threat that can compromise the security of Zap, we ask you to keep it confidential and submit your concern directly to the Zap security team.
  • Ensure the bug was not already reported by searching our GitHub issues.
  • If you're unable to find an open issue addressing the problem, open a new one. Be sure to include a title and clear description, and as much relevant information as possible.

Did you write a patch that fixes a bug?

  • Open a new GitHub pull request with the patch.
  • Ensure the PR description clearly describes the problem and solution. Include the relevant issue number if applicable.
  • Before submitting, please read the Coding Guidelines to know more about our coding conventions and practices.

Do you intend to add a new feature or change an existing one?

  • Please join us on slack to see what contributions are needed before tackling a task to avoid duplicate work.

Do you have questions about the source code?

  • Ask any question about the Zap source code in slack.